Vitalink Chill 250ml

Harden plants to heat with VitaLink Chill.

It’s a clever biostimulant, developed for industrial greenhouses in the Middle East!

Use VitaLink Chill throughout your grow to build levels of key nutrients needed to tolerate higher levels of heat. Your plants will survive AND thrive in hotter conditions – even when the temperature climbs past 30oC.

During the summer it’s a must! You can safely use it alongside your base feed.

• Tried, tested biostimulant
• Reduces heat stress
• Helps prevent flower abortion
• Produces more growth hormone
• Allows side shoots to grow on
• Consistent product
• During summer it’s a must!
• Designed for industrial greenhouses in the Middle East
• For hydro, soil and coco
• Use throughout your grow
• Dilution rate: 0.3 – 0.5ml per Litre


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