The original vitamin and hormone supplement for plants
Superthrive supplies a whole range of supplemental ingredients that encourage fast growth and act as a tonic for stressed plants.

How does Superthrive work?
Superthrive contains a highly concentrated mixture of vitamins and hormones that are designed to be used as a supplement to normal plant feeds. Superthrive has been around for decades and is highly acclaimed by gardeners, farmers and foresters the world-over as highly effective plant growth and strength enhancer and also as a stress reliever when re-potting or transplanting trees or plants. Superthrive can be used in any substrate, and in any growing system from a small hydroponics set-up to a forest of saplings.

The original vitamin and hormone supplement for plants
Stimulates faster growth
Acts as a tonic for stressed plants
Encourages plants to build a stronger structure
Popularly used during transplanting to reduce shock
Highly concentrated.
Internationally acclaimed by farmers and gardeners worldwide

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