SonicAir Humidifier 10ltr

SonicAir Humidifier
The SonicAir humidifier is an affordable and reliable humidifier. It comes with a large 10 litre tank. Fully adjustable output, so you can increase or decrease the mist levels to fine-tune the humidity in your environment. 
Capable of a maximum output of 800 millilitres an hour, via the four multi-directional spouts on top of the humidifier. These spouts allow for directional misting either to create an evenly misted grow room, or you can cap the spouts to direct the mist into key areas. 
Unlike many other humidifiers, it comes with a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind. It automatically shuts down to prevent any damage when the water reservoir runs empty.

10L tank
4 overhead spouts for multi-directional misting
Fully controllable manually
Automatic shut-down
1 year guarantee if used with RO water
Maximum output: 0.8 litres per hour (800 millilitres per hour)
Runs quietly (less than 35 dB)
80 watts
Comes with UK plug for easy set up


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