Silver Bullet Mist 500ml

Silver Bullet Mist is the perfect product for those who do not want to leave sterilisation and cleanliness to chance in their grow room. Silver Bullet Mist destroys 99.99% of grow room problems, such as grey mould (botrytis), powdery mildew, Pythium, Fusarium, Yellow and Brown leaf spot.

Silver Bullet Mist comes ready to use to sterilise grow room surfaces and equipment, and it is completely safe to plans, but do not spray directly onto young and unestablished plants

Silver Bullet Mist can be used to disinfect and sterilise any grow room surface, including system, componentry, grow tents and growing surfaces.

• Walls
• Your equipment
• Any new or foreign equipment going into the room
• Underneath the equipment
• Small tools
• Scissors
• Cloning equipment
• Gloves
• Tent zips
• Floors
• Damp corners
• Entry/Exit points
• Door handles
• Bottom of your shoes

1. A typical bacterium naturally emits a negative charge. Silver Bullet is attracted by this charge to the problem.

2. The presence of Silver Bullet inhibits the defence mechanism, allowing the powerful free radicals to attack the bacterium’s cell membrane.

3. Free radicals penetrate the membrane to destroy the bacterium; once killed, it no longer emits a negative charge. Excess oxygen is released.

4. Silver Bullet is now attracted to the next problem site that is
emitting a negative charge. The process repeats


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