Secret Jardin Nano Controler

Secret Jardin - Nano Grow - Fan and Light Controller
The Secret Jardin Nano Grow is easy to set up and has many great features. It’s unique design and functionality ensures almost limitless flexibility of use. Simply set the time when you want the lights on, the duration, and desired room temperature, then sit back while the Nano Grow does the work for you.

Use the Nano GROW’s night time temperature setting to maintain a set temperature and negative pressure within the grow room during the night.

The temperature safety feature on the Nano GROW will automatically turn the lights off and increase the fan speed when the grow room reaches a pre-set maximum critical temperature. Once the grow room is returned to the desired temperature, lights will be automatically turned back on avoiding crop damage.

Nano Grow Features Include:

• Timed lighting of up to 1200W - 2 x 600W ballasts (with a double plug adaptor - Not included) or 1 x 1000W ballast

• Thermostatically controlled fan extraction of up to 200W or 1.6A

• Totally silent fan control using digital pulse Nano technology

• Day and night temperature controlled separately

• LCD readout showing time, temp and fan speed

• Small and lightweight design

• Fuse protection safety

• 2.4m power cable and 2m temperature sensor

• Max Temp. Setting! The Nano Grow protects your plants from heat damage, Totally silent fan control, no buzz or hum!


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