Secret Jarden 26w 30cm T-Led

Growing your cuttings through to fully established plants (before flowering) can be a challenging business, particularly when trying to keep electricity costs down. Make it easy with this 26W Light from Secret Jardin. It will amaze you with it's efficiency and the speed of growth that it can promote for the amount of electricity that it uses. 

Secret Jardin - well known and established hydroponics manufacturer
Cutting Edge LED technology emits the most photosynthetically active light for growing the best cuttings and clones
Produces 80 lumens per watt at an efficiency of more than 80% PAR
Blue T-LEDs for excellent propagation and vegetative growth
Can also be used as blue supplementary lighting in flower - fits vertically in the corners of a tent
LED Angle - 120 degrees
LED expected life (on average)  - 30,000 hours
144 LEDs for excellent coverage
Runs cool
Power Total of 2080 lumens
Equivalent light output to a 55W Fluorescent Light
LED Colour Temperature - 6500 degrees Kelvin

 Alternatively, they can be used as supplementary lighting by hanging them vertically in the corners of a tent.


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