Scrog Line Pro 1.2

The Scrog technique is a way of growing where by the branches are attached to a rack or net, allowing you to spread the branches of the plant equally over a larger surface. Big advantages of this way of growing are that you can create a bigger growing surface, that you can control the height of the plant better and that the branches and fruits that are normally positioned in the lower parts of the plant can now grow into full light. 

The Scrog Line Pro is a convenient scrog net that you can use per plant. Symply place the Scrog Line Pro in your pot by sticking the legs into the medium and you are ready to scrog. The distance between the net and the medium is 20-25centimeters.

The Scrog Line Pro has dimensions of 60x60centimeters. Therefore, when you combine 4 Scrog Line Pro 1.2's, you can perfectly fill out your 120x120centimeter grow tent with only 4 plants. 

Pot size 11ltr to 30ltr

Attention: Pots are not included!


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