Rox Flower Enhancer

Rox Flower Enhancer (1L)
Transform your hydroponic system in just two weeks with this super-strong bloom booster. Rox comprises both organic and synthetic ingredients, which combine to accelerate the growth cycle and speed plants’ metabolism. 

Powerful formula
Rox contains a long list of ingredients, but each is specially chosen to aid plant growth in a slightly different way. 

Plants benefit from the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, humates, seaweed extract, plant growth hormones (PGRs), and triacontanol that make up each bottle of Rox. 

Humates, your new mates
Humates are a form of organic matter, produced by the leftovers of carbon-rich plants that have been compressed over the ages. The humic acids present in humates help to regulate pH in soil and hydro systems. They also maximise the level of water and nutrients a plant can naturally hold. 

Humic acid promotes growth everywhere, but it is particularly useful for flowering plants: thickened cell walls in fruits and flowers makes for longer-lasting, longer-storing yields. 

Fast, economical results
Growers only need to use this bloom additive for two weeks, based on an 8-week hydroponic cycle - and no more than 5ml per litre is required. Consult our "How to use" heading below for advice on your chosen method. 

For those growing on a large scale, the difference is astounding. Enjoy faster results, larger yields, and plants that are stronger from the inside out…and you’ll still have plenty of Rox for next time. 

Where to use Rox Flower Enhancer?
Rox is specially formulated for flowering plants in hydroponic systems. The solution may also be used for soil growth. 

When to use Rox Flower Enhancer?
Rox should be used during the 4th and 5th weeks of the flowering period (based on an 8-week growth schedule). Lengthen or shorten this period as necessary, depending on the cycle length of the flowers you are growing. 

How to use Rox Flower Enhancer?
The regimen below is based on flowering plants with a cycle of 8 weeks. Users may need to adjust the timing for plants with a longer or shorter blooming period:

For an 8-week cycle, use Rox during the 4th and 5th weeks. 

Shake the bottle well and add Rox to your nutrient solution in the following quantities:

3ml per litre of water for a re-circulating system
4ml per litre of water for soil growing. Use 10 litres of diluted solution per square metre of growing space
5ml per litre in run-to-waste systems.

Rox is a bloom additive rather than a plant food, so please continue your usual feeding routine alongside this. 

Only ever do so once the nutrients are diluted in water: they should never be mixed in concentrated form. This can cause a chemical reaction and may cause damage or void the effects of the nutrients. 

Why choose Rox Flower Enhancer?
Extremely potent flowering booster
Triggers weight gain in fruits and flowers
Contains plant growth hormones (PGRs) and triacontanol for rapid effects
Speeds plant metabolism
Lengthens and strengthens roots
Highly concentrated and powerful
For hydro and soil
Only requires 2 weeks’ usage. 

Product Specifications:
Brand: Rox 
Capacity: 1L
Active Ingredients: Organic acids, humates, seaweed extract, plant growth hormones (PGRs), triacontanol. 
For Use In: Hydro, Soil


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