Root!t Thermostat & Mats

The ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat helps maintain the optimum rooting temperature for faster seedling and cutting growth.  It does so by allowing you greater control over your growing environment, by monitoring the temperature and switching your heat mat on and off as required, within a pre-defined temperature range.
An easy to read digital display ensures that users are able to monitor temperatures and take action where required.

The Root!t Hobby heat mats warm the rooting area to the ideal temperature required for speedy propagation, whether seed-germination or rooting cuttings, and these mats offer more uniform heating than others.

Insulated mat to place underneath your heated propagation mat. This will ensure that all heat produced is directed upward into your propagator and not lost into work tops.

Small 11w Size: 25cm x 35cm

Medium 30w Size: 40cm x 60cm

From £46.00