Rhino Pro Filters

Why do Rhino Pro Filters perform so well?

Large pores

Our carbon has bigger pores than carbon in other filters. These large pores allow the air to pass through the carbon more quickly than small pores, so the odour molecules in the air are trapped more quickly and efficiently. 

Granulated not pelletised

Air moves through carbon granules but between carbon pellets. By forcing the air to move through the granules, the odour molecules are forced to interact with the carbon where they can be absorbed. 

The vortex cone inside the filter and the mesh structure of the shell ensure air flows through the filter efficiently so the carbon can capture the odour molecules.

4" 100/300 - 350m3hr

5" 125/300 - 500m3hr

6" 150/300 - 600m3hr        6" 150/600 - 900m3hr

8" 200/400 - 800m3hr        8" 200/600 - 1125m3hr

10" 250/600 - 1420m3hr    10" 250/1000 - 1900m3hr

12"315/600 - 2400m3hr     12" 315/1000 - 3250m3hr

From £50.00