Ram 12ltr Dehumidifier

The RAM 12L Dehumidifier – 12L/day will dehumidify indoor environments at a rate of up to 12 liters per day. For drying out an area it can be set to dehumidify constantly. If a target Relative Humidity level is set, it will work as required to maintain the selected humidity level. The unit can be timed to switch on or off after a certain period of up to 12 hours. If the unit is required to work discreetly, such as during the night, it can be set to Quiet Mode, and will dim its display and use the quietest fan speed. There is a Child-Lock feature to make the unit tamper-proof. 
Condensate can be run continuously into a drain or collected in the unit’s 2-litre tank. When the tank is full, an alarm is sounded, and the unit automatically shuts down until the tank is emptied. 

Key selling points:  
Controls the humidity of your growing environment 
Prevents damp and mildew 
Adjustable dehumidifying levels 
Removes up to 12 L water per day 
2 L tank capacity 
Optional continuous drainage 
Easy to operate with electronic display 
Can operate in quiet mode 
Uses environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant 


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