Purolyt Disinfection Concentrate

Puro­lyt is a dis­in­fect­ant con­cen­trate which is used in pro­fes­sion­al hy­giene man­age­ment for dis­in­fec­tion of sur­faces, equip­ment/tools, wa­ter/li­quids and air.

Purolyt is pro­duced re­source-­friendly in an elec­tro­chem­ic­al pro­cess from wa­ter + salt + elec­tri­city. Noth­ing else!

Puro­lyt’s prin­ciple of op­er­a­tion is sim­il­ar to the way the hu­man body fights off bac­teria and vir­uses. When the im­mune sys­tem de­tects a threat, white blood cells are ac­tiv­ated which cre­ate an an­ti­mi­cro­bi­al sub­stance called hy­po­chlor­ous acid (HOCL). HOCL is also the act­ive in­gredi­ent in Puro­lyt. It is sci­en­tific­ally proven that HOCL has ex­tremely ef­fi­cient dis­in­fect­ing prop­er­ties Puro­lyt ef­fect­ively des­troys bac­teria, fungi, vir­uses and al­gae and suc­cess­fully pre­vents the emer­gence of biofilms in ir­rig­a­tion sys­tems.

Cre­ates safe con­di­tions for a con­stant and suc­cess­ful pro­duc­tion
Down­times and losses can be min­im­ized
Work­ing time and ef­fort are saved
It does not form harm­ful residues as the act­ive in­gredi­ents de­grade back into wa­ter and traces of salt
Due to its mech­an­ism of ac­tion mi­croor­gan­isms can­not de­vel­op res­ist­ances
FREE from ad­dit­ives like ten­sides, phos­phates, form­al­de­hydes, al­co­hols, sil­ver ion­s, fra­grances or col­or­ants
Ef­fect­ively des­troys harm­ful bac­teri­a, fungi and al­gae, For ex­ample:
Es­cheri­chia coli - Sal­mon­ella Typh­imuri­um - Sta­phyl­o­coc­cus aure­us - Py­thi­um spp. / Phytoph­thora spp. (Root Rot) - Botryt­is cinerea (Gray Mold) - Per­o­no­spor­aceae (Downy Mil­dew) - Ery­siphaceae (Powdery Mil­dew)
Suit­able ap­plic­a­tion meth­ods for Purolyt Dis­in­fect­ant Con­cen­trate are spray­ing, fog­ging, wip­ing and im­mers­ing, de­pend­ing on what you wish to dis­in­fect. To dis­in­fect wa­ter, Purolyt Dis­in­fect­ant Con­cen­trate can be ad­ded dir­ectly. 

Direct addition: To dis­in­fect raw wa­ter, Purolyt can be ad­ded dir­ectly to the wa­ter you wish to dis­in­fect
Immersion: Any parts with a com­plex geo­metry an­d/or cav­it­ies can be im­mersed in a di­luted solu­tion of Puro­lyt. Tubes and hoses may be flushed with Purolyt solu­tion. Please re­spect the ne­ces­sary ex­pos­ure time

Fogging: Cold fog­ging al­lows for a uni­form droplet size as well as for an op­tim­al dis­tri­bu­tion of the aer­o­sol. This is par­tic­u­larly suit­able for dis­in­fect­ing air in spa­cious room­s. It is im­port­ant to en­sure that the sur­faces you wish to dis­in­fect are com­pletely wet­ted

Spraying: This can be em­ployed any­where where wip­ing proves im­prac­tic­able for dis­in­fect­ing sur­faces, e.g. in the case of sur­faces with poor ac­cess­ib­il­ity. For spray­ing, reg­u­lar com­mer­cially avail­able pres­sure spray­ers may be used. It is im­port­ant to en­sure that the sur­faces you wish to dis­in­fect are com­pletely wet­ted

Wiping: This is primar­ily used for dis­in­fect­ing sur­faces. We re­com­mend to uni­formly spray the sur­faces and to wipe them sub­sequently. It is im­port­ant to en­sure that the sur­faces you wish to dis­in­fect are com­pletely wet­ted. Please re­spect the ne­ces­sary ex­pos­ure time.

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