Ph water Conditioner ltr

N:7.0 | P:0.0 | K:0.0

Because plain old tap water simply doesn't cut it!
The proactive pH Water Conditioner Methodology...

Contains two sequestering agents that will neutralize the cations of hard waters and reduce their impact on your plants. Hard water cations can lock out and prevent the uptake of nutritional elements from your reservoir while disabling active ingredients. Using proactive pH Water Conditioner will greatly reduce the negative effects of hard water - preventing the lock out of nutrients and stopping the degradation of active ingredients in your reservoir or sprayer!

Proactive pH Water Conditioner will balance the water used in your nutrient reservoir while acidifying and buffering its pH value – greatly limiting the effects of alkaline hydrolysis. The benefits of pH Water Conditioner are pH and nutrient stabiliser (buffering efficacy), Moisturiser (wetting agent effect) and Significantly reduces foaming of reservoir solution.


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