Optic Foliar Switch ltr

Optic Foliar SWITCH is the only product on the market to combat and prevent seed and/or hermies formation on flowering crops. Optic Foliar SWITCH will block male hormones ensuring the plant stays 100% female and continues to bloom and produce essential oils in early or late bloom. Whether bad genetics, light leaks or timer malfunctions, SWITCH will ensure 100% female plants with only 2 sprays in either early or late bloom. Growers are also utilizing switch in early bloom to help transition plants into flower and trigger faster and bigger bloom sets in as little as 5-7 days.

Utilize SWITCH and guarantee that your plants stay seed and hermaphrodite free. Growers are able to ensure that their plants will begin to form flower sites and maximize flower growth — this ensures no loss in growth, quality or yield! SWITCH works fast and within 4 hours all of the elements within SWITCH will evaporate through the leaves ensuring a healthy clean harvest. Directions: Do not dilute with water. Must be used with Optic Foliar TRANSPORT, add at a rate of 10 ml/litre or 2 teaspoons/quart, ( 40 ml/4 litres or 8 teaspoons/gallon) Shake vigorously after adding Optic Foliar TRANSPORT.

After adding Optic Foliar TRANSPORT product must be sprayed onto plants within 15 minutes. Spray plants on day 7 & 17 of bloom cycle or at the first sign of flower stress. Can be sprayed in early or late flower. However Switch must be applied twice at least 10 days apart. Usage Instructions can be read at OpticFoliarSwitch.com Additional Usage Notes: Can be sprayed with the lights on. Do no adjust ph of spray solution Avoid spraying any electrical or lighting Maximize yields and quality with OVERGROW & TRANSPORT, WATTS & REV

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