Optic Foliar Atak RTU

Please note – Optic Foliar products work best in combination with Optic Foliar Transport; a wetting agent that maximizes absorption and effectiveness of the main product.  

Optic Foliar ATAK is a dual function foliar spray from Optic Foliar. The main purpose is in the combating and prevention of Powdery Mildew, which can quickly ruin plants if left unchecked. ATAK will get to work quickly, clearing this problematic fungus out and helping return the leaves to peak health. It second function stimulates the plant to increase its SARS response, which increases it natural immunity and defence levels.

A great advantage of ATAK over other foliar sprays is that it can be used with the light on and you won’t get any leaf burn – it’s always easier to spray your plants when you can see them! It is suitable for use from the early stages (cuttings and seedlings) right up to late flowering stages. As with all foliars, try to avoid spraying buds and flowers as you risk having rot set in if there is insufficient air flow (common in tight bud structures). You don’t need to wait until you have a mildew problem – ATAK is great for use as a preventative, stopping the problem before it starts.

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