Ona Blocks

ONA Block – Small Size, Large Performance
The ONA Block is a small quiet workhorse when it comes to odour control. Put it  anywhere and unwanted smells will be taken out fo the air.

A small wax block packed with 32 essential oils that are released in a timely manner neutralising and destroying any airborne odours.

Whether you put it in your gym bag, entrance closet or under your car seat, it will neutralise the strongest odours without being noticed.

ONA Block – Odour neutraliser in solid wax form
Ideal for small enclosed spaces
Permanently removes unwanted odours from the air
Not a masking agent but genuine odour neutralisation agent
Non Toxic
Environmentally Safe
Safe to use around people pets and plant
ONA Blocks can be used in conjunction with odour control ducts to neutralise odours in your ducting