Nurture Nutrient Amplifier


Nurture Nutrient Amplifier is a high-quality plant feed that is designed to supplement your normal base feed / NPK feeds. It is an insurance policy for your plants and crops that would be a wise investment in any garden.

This plant supplement will keep your plants sustained from seed to flush, with health, vigour, and protection, as well as a more valuable, nutrient-dense crop from start to finish.

Nurture Nutrient Amplifier is a combination of fully organic bio-stimulants, trace elements, auxins, Cytokines, amino acids and vitamins that creates powerful plant protection (it creates an enzyme that sponges free radicals and protects the chloroplasts and membranes of the cell). The supplement dramatically amplifies the uptake of any nutrient used in conjunction with it. It extremely helps plants to deal with any stress as soon as it comes under attack. The product raises the sugar content that prevents pest attacks as well as the quality and nutritional value of your crop.

Root stimulants, enzyme supplement, amino supplement, vitamin supplement, wetting agents - all in one bottle of Nurture Nutrient Amplifier.

Amplifies nutrient uptake and sugar content,
Improves overall crop yield and its quality,
Conditions plants to combat the effects of stress,
Doesn’t affect the EC or PH of your feed,
Can be used in soil, coco, and hydroponics,
Won’t be blocking any pumps or tubes,
It doesn’t contain PGRs, carcinogens, cal-mag, silicone.
1-2 ml per ltr in conjunction with any base feed (with a recommendation at half strength).
Designed to use the whole of the plant’s life cycle up until the flushing/finishing stage.

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