Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer

By using moonshine as directed in your feeding program you will notice your plants have better root systems with improved growth and stamina, giving you healthier sturdier and more disease resistance plants.

It has been reported that by using moonshine growers are noticing exceptional crop quality and yields. The higher sugar content (BRIX) has been shown to discourage insects, cutting down on pesticide use.

Moonshine nutrient enhancer provides plants with a greater resistance to cold damage and drought, is 100% biodegradable and contains no carcinogens or PGR’s. Moonshine will not alter your E.C, is pH stable and can be used with any manufacturer’s nutrient program. Moonshine is suitable for use with any growing medium, Soil, hydro system and NFT.

Benefits of Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer
Over double previous root size.
Spectacular hardier growth.
Increased photosynthesis.
Faster maturity and increased yields.
Increased sugar content by up to 50%.
Increased insect resistance.
Contains no Plant growth regulators or silicone.

From £25.00