Maxiswitch Pro 8

Heavy duty GE contactor switching, ensuring long service life and reliable high amperage switching
Quality IMO relay switching for lower amperage applications

Professional Grasslin panel mount timers that ensure accurate time keeping and switching in fifteen minute segments. These timers are easy to program and can be set up in seconds
Rubberised moulded BSI approved plugs designed to be hardwearing and break proof.
Heavy duty cables, hard wearing and over rated
Hanging bracket with keyhole slots for easy wall mounting
Switchable sockets for easy appliance isolation
2 year guarantee

Switchable in 15min segments On/Off operation with override facility.

Maxiswitch 26amp 8 Plug Pro Contactor Product Details:
The MaxiSwitch Pro 8 gang contactor is a professional heavy duty unit designed to control your HID lighting by diverting the high electrical load away from the timer and through a contactor. MaxiSwitch Pro Contactors are easily wall mounted and the outer casing includes air vents making it a completely integrated unit perfect for grow room environments.

Heavy duty 8 plug GE contactor for dependable switching.
Professional built in grasslin timer
8 individual switchable sockets
Hardwearing rubber moulded plugs. BSI Approved.
assembled in the uk to strict European CE standards.

The Maxiswitch 26amp 8 Plug Pro Contactor can handle up to 4000 watts of electrical appliances. So in lighting terms that would be 4x1000w, 6x600w etc you could run through this unit.


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