Lumi Black 600w Digital light Kit

Are you wanting to upgrade that old and tired magnetic lighting kit to an electronic system? Then look no further than the Lumii Black 600w Digital Light Kit as it gives you all the functionality, but at a bargain price!

This digital light kit uses the Lumii Black electronic ballast that runs at 600w, but can also be dimmed to 250w and 400w. If you need to give your plants an extra push during late flowering, the Lumii Black can also be boosted by 10% to 660w to help push the plants to their full potential at harvest. Being electronic, the ballast also runs quieter, cooler and more efficiently compared to an equivalent 600w magnetic ballast, giving you a better crop, but with cheaper running costs.

Included in the kit is a BAY6 600w Dual Spectrum HPS grow lamp, a blended mix of red and blue light spectrums allowing it to be used for strong vegetative growth and optimum flowering without the need to change the lamp. It also features a patented durable construction with an improved build quality that emits a uniform spread of light and helps prolong the lamp's life.

And finally, the reflector is a Euro barn door style, it’s highly polished dimpled anodised aluminum, includes two hanging lugs and measures 45cm x 45cm to give an even spread of light around the grow space.

1x Lumii Black 600w Digital Dimmable Ballast
1x BAY6 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp
1x Euro barn door style reflector


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