Ionic Hydro Grow

Ionic Hydro Grow from Growth Technology is a unique single pack nutrient for the vegetative stage of growth, designed to deliver the complex profile of mineral elements a plant needs, in an easy to use format.

A one-part hydroponic feed from Growth Technology, Ionic Hydro is a good all round nutrient that’s easy to use and works well with most hydroponic systems and plants.

Designed to maximise potential for vigorous vegetative growth
With highly stable pH which gives the grower easy control over their nutrient solution and trouble free operation.
Contains 14 essential elements at both Macro and Micro levels supporting rampant growth and superb harvests.
Made with mineral salts, not chemicals
Very easy to use 1-part nutrient – ideal for beginners
Ideal for use in soft water areas. Also available in a formulation for hard water areas
Formulated for the vegetative stage of growth in hydroponics
Precisely balanced and manufactured for great results
Perfect for use with the range of Ionic nutrients and additive

From £9.50