Ionic Cal-Mag Pro

Ionic Cal-Mag Pro by Growth Technology

Ionic Cal-mag pro is a brand new concentrated supplement based on calcium and magnesium

Ionic Cal-Mag Pro is a concentrated plant supplement, precisely formulated to support vigorous mid-season growth.
The simple addition of IONIC Cal‑Mag Pro into a regular nutrient regime can help alleviate common problems often seen by even the most experienced of growers, such as slow mid-season growth, pale and yellowing foliage and a lack of vigour after strong initial growth.

Ionic Cal-Mag Pro is so much more than a Cal-Mag supplement. It has been created to deliver many other benefits for plants. This product is a nutrient supplement, so should be used alongside a normal nutrient programme.
Ionic Cal-Mag Pro contains three key ingredient groups to return plants to healthy growth:
Mineral elements
Ca and Mg to restore peak growth.
Three calcium sources including chelated calcium for rapid assimilation by the plant giving quick results.
Fe (chelated) to correct potential deficiency or uptake limitations.
Organic Compounds
Specific amino acids, in bioactive L-form for speedy absorption, to enhance photosynthesis and nutrient uptake.
e.g. Glycine and glutamic acid are fundamental metabolites in the formation of vegetable tissue and chlorophyll synthesis.
Seaweed Extracts
For increased resistance to pests and diseases.
To alleviate abiotic stress.
Enriched with natural growth enhancers.

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