Grow Genius Mono Silicic

40% mono-silicic acid
Faster, stronger growth and
resistance to pests and pathogens:
silicon does it all...
Ultra fast acting silicon nutrient - for all plants in all settings

Scientifically proven effects (1):

Increased strength, growth rates and yield. Increased root mass, leaf size and brix content.

Improved resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress: read the evidence here.

​Works by:

Supporting natural plant growth and defences, and by improving nutrient and water usage.

​Application rates:

0.3ml/10L weekly in solution and 0.5ml/L as a fortnightly foliar spray.
Environmental contribution:

Increases yield per unit input and can reduce or eliminate the need for fungicides and pesticides.

Extremely concentrated formulation dramatically reduces shipping weight, volume and packaging.

Grow-Genius mono-silicic is made in the UK with silicon from Scotland, minimising product miles.

GG mono is readily biodegradable: 95 % over 28 days (method: OECD Test Guideline 301F).

For strength and yield increases, faster growth and stress resistance:
Apply weekly at 0.3 ml per 10L of water or nutrient solution.
Hand water or apply via irrigation system.
Use from seed germination or cutting propagation to a few weeks before harvest.


To build defence against pests, mould and other fungal pathogens:
Apply fortnightly as a foliar spray at 0.5ml per litre of water.
With fruits and vegetables use from germination / propagation to just before harvest.
On species with dense or compact flowers, stop foliar application at early flowering, especially indoors. or in cold or damp weather.
Don't spray under full lights or in strong sun.
GG Mono will kill mites on contact - if you are using beneficial predators, apply via roots only.
Bee kind: if polinators are around, apply via roots only to avoid any possible harm.

Available sizes:

10ml (makes 333L of solution / 20L foliar).

100ml (makes 3,333L of solution / 200L foliar).

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