Grove Bags Window Pouch

Grove Bags are the ultimate dry herb curing bags, ensuring that the perfect curing climate maximises the quality of your product. Grove Bags are the prime choice for farmers and cultivators as they enable them to preserve their final product from production to consumption. Terpenes are crucial to the quality of organic matter such as food, nuts and dry herbs; Grove Bags preserves these terpenes by fusing superior humidity control with an oxygen/ off-gassing pathway and an anti-static finish, and the result is the perfect climate. 

 Grove Bags uses the stunning technology that is their TerpLoc, fusing six separate high-density barrier layers to guarantee active humidity control and protection of your goods. Grove Bag's function means that moisture and oxygen are continually exchanged with the environment so that each bag has a perfectly balanced climate. The result is your herb, fruit and nuts staying fresher for longer and the ability to put your product in their final bags far sooner than competing brands.

Terploc has succeeded in areas no other brand has gone before, extending shelf life and maximising margins as it minimises moisture-based weight loss. Terploc is comprised of six film layers that all serve different purposes. The first layer uses industrial strength film for the maximum protection; the second minimises odour leakage, whilst the third works to diffuse oxygen out of the package and maintains low oxygen levels. The fourth layer is anti-static, ensuring that 0 essential product parts get lost before getting to the end user. Finally, the fifth works with the oxygen layer to ensure the humidity levels are optimum and that mould doesn't grow & the sixth layer provides UV protection which prevents the resulting rapid breakdown of your organic matter. 

Puncture Resistant
Tear Resistant
Heat Sealable
Smell resistant 
Low oxygen maintenance 
Active humidity control 58%-62%

Medium - 28grams (1oz) 15.87cm x 22.86cm + 5.9cm (Gusset)
Large - 113grams (4oz) 24.53cm x 33.02cm + 12.7cm (Gusset)
X Large- 226 Grams (8oz) 30.48cm x 37.46cm + 13.33cm) (Gusset)

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