Green Sensation

Green Sensation is a powerful fertiliser that can be used in any cultivation strategy, guaranteeing the best taste and the highest yields. It combines 4 positive effects in 1 bottle. Green Sensation improves flowering, the soil, yields and taste.

1. PK-fertiliser - Improves flowering, plant resistance and end product quality.
2. Enzymes - Prevent symptoms of deficiencies, stimulate soil life and combat oxygen wastage.
3. Enhancer - Triggers nutritional reactions in the plant for the best taste and yield.
4. Booster - Provides active nutrients for the best taste and yield. Cost-effective because of the powerful mixing ratio (1:1,000) Green Sensation is very economical in use. This means that you can make 1,000 litres of nutrient solution from 1 litre of Green Sensation. With Green Sensation you only need to buy one bottle and only need to add one product to your nutrient solution (in addition to your basic nutrients) during the flowering phase. This fact makes it cheaper than schedules from other brands.

Quality Green Sensation does not contain any hormones, animal-derived residues, GMO or other substances that may have a harmful effect on the quality of your end product. Green Sensation has a nutrient that triggers apparent salt stress in plants. This makes sure that the plant retains more nutrients and organic components, producing the best taste and yield.


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