Garden HighPro+ Oscillating 20w Fan

Get a strong, steady air stream at any height with a PROFAN+.

Air circulates in multiple directions, thanks to the unique oscillating function. There’s a 90o rotating base & 360o rotating grid.

It’s easy to fix firmly at any height! There are 2 x fixing supports:

A secure clip

A sturdy clasp to fix to horizontal & vertical tent poles (up to 3cm diameter!)
Hardly any energy is used! The fan has a 20W AC engine. To prolong your fan life, there’s a 100% cooper engine. A great investment all round.

Oscillating fan - 90o rotating base & 360o rotating grid
10” (25cm) diameter
2 x speed settings
2 x fixing supports (secure clip & robust pole clasp)
Fixes securely to horizontal & vertical poles
Low power - 20W AC engine
Long life - 100% copper engine
Why Mix Air?
Unless you mix your grow room air, you get microclimates with hot, humid, CO2 depleted air.  

 This means that the levels you’re monitoring aren’t necessarily those plants are experiencing. Some plants could even be growing in a different environment to others. 

 If adding CO2, it’s important that you use a fan to distribute it evenly.

 A fan like this is great for targeting specific areas – point it at ballasts, chillers – anything that gets hot.


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