Ferocious Plant Optimizer ltr

Ferocious is a premium plant-optimizing additive that delivers concentrated forms of hydrogen and oxygen, which we believe allows plants to produce more energy. With more energy, plants have more vigour, become larger and stronger, and create greater yields. Ferocious is also believed to be an effective nutrient enhancer, which may have the ability to help the plant more efficiently uptake and absorb nutrients. Ferocious is a liquid concentrate that can be added to your nutrient-water mixture to feed your plants.

What does Ferocious do?

Jungle Control scientists believe that Ferocious:

• Increases overall harvest weight and market value
• Is non-toxic and non-corrosive to human and plant tissue
• Improves uptake, absorption, and utilization of nutrients by breaking them down into smaller particles so that the plant more easily absorbs them
• Strengthens the cellular structure of plants
• Reduces the space between internodes, creating more flowers and increasing yield
• Assists in buffering to optimize the pH for the plant and its soil/medium/water
• Is a nutrient enhancer, and should not be used as a replacement for nutrients
• Is non-malodorous and non-fuming
• Made in the USA by people who care

Ferocious is a nutrient enhancer, and should NOT be used as a replacement for nutrients. It’s NPK values are 0-0-0. Post-harvest lab results show the improved yield does NOT adversely affect potency and there is no indication of residue.


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