Essential Ph Up 250ml


Essentials LAB pH+ is a concentrated alkaline solution (50% potassium hydroxide) which can be used in small, controlled doses to raise the pH (decrease acidity) of nutrient solutions. Mix thoroughly and measure with a calibrated pH meter to attain the desired pH reading. Ideal for adjusting large volumes of nutrient solution.    

Key selling points:  
Highly concentrated 
Can adjust the pH of large volumes of nutrient solution 
Technical Specifications:   
50% potassium hydroxide 
PH: >11.5 
Volume: 1L 

Q: How should I use Essentials LAB pH- to adjust the pH level of my nutrient solution? 
A: First, carefully check the pH of your nutrient solution. If the pH reading is too low, then the solution is too acidic. Add a small, measured amount of Essentials LAB pH+ to your nutrient reservoir and mix thoroughly. Check the pH level again and note how much it has changed. You now know how much a certain dosage of Essentials LAB pH+ has raised the pH in your reservoir, and from this you can judge how much more, if any, you need to add to achieve the desired pH level. 

Q: The pH level of my solution is already high. What should I do? 
A: If the pH is within the recommended range, you should do nothing. But if the pH is too high, then you should use Essentials LAB pH- to adjust it to a lower level, within the recommended range. 


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