Co2 Fusion Spray ltr

Co2 FUSION - A revolution In Plant Foliar Feeding

In Jurassic times ferns were huge due to very high atmospheric Co2 levels. Modern plants have evolved from these ferns to grow with lower Co2 levels. Spraying with Co2 Fusion allows the plants leaves to reach the same level of Co2 saturation as in Jurassic times, resulting in bigger leaves and more plant available chemical energy.

Co2 Fusion is a hand-held Co2 spray in a pressurised canister that allows the grower to apply localised Co2 to the growing environment.

CO2 Fusion is a unique combination of 100% natural plant hormones and amino acids, delivered directly to the plants leaf in a readily absorbed, stabilised CO2 infused mist.

CO2 Fusion used on cuttings significantly speeds up the rooting process

Directions For Use

Spray mist directly on to the leaves 2-3 times per day.
Established Plants:

Spray 2-3 times within an hour window per day or twice per day, once at the beginning and once towards the end of the light cycle.
Can be used up to two weeks before harvest.


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