Cloudforge T7 15ltr Humidifier

Designed with smart controls and precision vapors to obtain optimal humidity levels for plant growth.

Next-gen EC ultrasonic vaporizer can reach up to 10 levels of humidity for fine-tuned moisture control.

Built with a specially designed water-resistant seal to prevent leakage and extend operational lifespan.

Features VPD and humidity triggers, timers, a hidable backlit display, and auto-start with backup memory.

Interchangeable nozzle heads included for flexible moisture distribution in one direction or a wide area.

A next-gen 15L humidifier designed with smart controls and targeted vapor delivery to obtain ideal humidity levels for successful plant growth. Its body is specially sealed for enhanced water resistance, ensuring no water tank leakage to extend and preserve its long operational lifespan. The controller features onboard humidity and VPD triggering, which utilizes a corded sensor probe for accurate readings, and timer programming. Once activated, the innovative EC ultrasonic vaporizer digitally pulses water to distribute moisture throughout your grow space. This degree of control, together with smart programming, will allow you to fine-tune your climate to facilitate healthy nutrient uptake. This product is a part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to unite with the AC Infinity app over WiFi to achieve your ideal environment.

The environmental humidifier’s onboard controller is equipped with humidity and VPD triggers plus timer programming. The VPD triggers can intuitively generate humidity at the exact time needed to maintain optimal moisture levels. Digitally set up to 10 levels of condensation to generate precise levels of humidity for your plants in any stage of their growth cycle. You can connect this smart humidifier to UIS controllers to integrate with other grow devices and access more dynamic climate triggers, grow cycles, and schedules.

This series was designed from the ground up for optimized moisture control in grow space environments. It includes an elbow nozzle to distribute high-volume moisture to a unidirectional area, as well as a five-way nozzle that evenly directs moisture in all directions for wider coverage. In addition to the specially designed seal, the body is built with waterproof ports that ensure no leakage into them when connecting UIS controllers. Also features a backlit display that can be toggled off to prevent night cycle disruption, and an automatic shutoff system that turns this humidifier off when its water supply is depleted.


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