Canna CalMag Agent

To ensure an optimal mineral balance regardless of your quality of water, CANNA CALMAG AGENT provides a highly concentrated solution of calcium and magnesium, at the ideal ratio, for exceptional plant growth. Perfect for correcting water sources of varying hardness, CALMAG AGENT ensures consistency strong and healthy plant growth.

What is the difference between soft/hard and/or bad water and what can you do about it?
Soft water has an EC level of below 0.4. With CANNA CALMAG AGENT you can raise your EC level to 0.4.

Normal water has an EC level between 0.4 and 0.5. It contains calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate to stabilise the pH. CANNA TERRA and COCO base nutrients are designed to work best with this type of water.

Hard water (EC>0.5) contains more calcium and magnesium than the plant can handle. When you’re growing plants, the best way to treat this kind of water is to use a reverse osmosis filter and then mix your hard water with the R.O. water, until you reach an EC level of 0.4.

Bad water (EC>0.5) contains mostly sodium and chloride. These two elements can block the uptake of beneficial nutrients and become toxic to your plants. With a Reverse Osmosis (R.O) filter, you can remove both of these elements. Simply making a mixture of bad water and R.O water to an E.C of 0.4 will result adequate bi-carbonates to stabilise pH levels, but the calcium and magnesium levels will be too low. Make a mixture of R.O and tap-water until you reach an E.C of 0.2 and then add CANNA CALMAG AGENT until you reach an E.C of 0.4.

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