Botanicare Sweet

Botanicare Sweet intensifies your crops natural aromas and flavours, increase fruit sets and smooth transitions between growth phases.

Sweet® all natural mineral supplement contains a unique combination of vital compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration.

Sweet Berry, Citrus and Grape also provide aroma and flavour amending plant esters that enhance aromas and flavours in your crops.

- Sturdy stems and thick, robust leaves.

- Assists your plant during transition and budding.

- Seamless transitions between plant growth phases.

- Helps plants succeed in accelerated growing environments

- Improves respiration and photosynthesis functions.

- Enhances flavours and aromas.

- Develops hardy plants with compact internodes.

- Will not clog systems.

Guaranteed Analysis: Mg 1.50%, S 2.0%

Available for BERRY, CITRUS, GRAPE & RAW