Botanicare Rhizo Blast 275ml

Rhizo Blast is a root mass producer comprised of a proprietary blend of nutrients, seaweed, minerals and Chlorella-A single-celled green micro-algae responsible for providing natural plant nutrients that encourage root development.

Chlorella algae is very effective at converting light, water and carbon into biomass containing lipids. The outer cell wall of the algae has been lysed (exploded) which makes the nutrients readily available to the plant.

Seaweed is rich in carbohydrates, which plants use as a building blocks and large populations of beneficial micro-organisms used as a food source.

At 2 ml per gallon Rhizo Blast encourages tighter inter-nodal spacing allowing the plant to stack growth. That combined with a healthy root zone results in large yields.

Guaranteed Analysis: N 1.15%, P 0.5%, K 1.15%, 0.005% Wetting agent (Yucca Extract).


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