Boost Fungicide Effect ltr

N:9.0 | P:0.0 | K:0.0

A unique composition designed and developed for commercial horticulture
The proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect Methodology...

Guarantees high yields and improved crop quality, while preventing and correcting sulphur deficiencies in your crop via a simple foliar application. Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect contains high concentrations of sulphur in a selected and pure form to ensure maximum efficiency. This ready-to-use liquid is easy and safe to use with a very “soft” action on foliage.

Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect contains nitrogen and sulphur which are essential constituents of proteins.

Their enzymatic role will enhance photosynthesis and have a significant effect on powdery mildew. Proactive Boost & Fungicide Effect has a Lignosulfonates base - an organic compound extracted from wood (lignin). It encompasses natural chelating properties and a capacity to form stable and soluble complexes with metallic ions (Iron-Cu-Mn-Zn). Its natural adjuvant properties act as a wetting agent, improve adhesion, and have a softening effect which avoids crystallization.


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