Bluelab Ph Meter (out of stock)

Measuring the pH level of nutrient solutions distributed to your plants is one of those key tasks that has to be done regularly and in the correct manner to achieve any kind of success with hydroponics – so it pays to use equipment you can trust. The Bluelab pH Meter delivers quick, clear and precise pH readings whenever and wherever you want them thanks to the portable nature of the product and an ability to operate minus a power supply. Just press the ‘on’ button, dip the probe into your feed and check the LCD screen for an instant reporting of the pH value!

Although pH pens are a great step up from manual testers, the Bluelab pH Meter represents the best long-term option since it actually lets you replace damaged/worn out probes. To ensure the unit remains super accurate, calibrate once every ten applications by pushing the relevant button on the control pad and placing the probe in calibration solution.


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