Bluelab EC Truncheon

The Bluelab EC Truncheon is probably the worlds favourite conductivity meter. Its popularity is in part due to its superb design and brilliantly simple operation. It is vital when growing in hydroponics systems to know the precise strength of the nutrient solution. That’s where an EC meter comes in, and the Bluelab truncheon is the top-of-the-range choice of EC meter for growers. Another feature of the Bluelab truncheon is that it requires no calibration. Just give it a bit of a clean now and then an it’ll last you for years!

The Bluelab truncheon is amazingly easy to use. To take a reading of the strength of your nutrient solution, simply place the probe head into the solution. Leave it there for a minute or two to reach the same temperature as your nutrient. The meter indicates the EC using a flashing light on the side, next to a series of numbers. It has various measurement scales to suit most people. It has EC, CF, ppm 500 (TDS) and ppm 700 (EC x 700).

What are the main features of the Bluelab EC Truncheon?
– Fully waterproof.
– Automatic on/ off function
– Requires no Calibration
– Daylight readable blue LEDs
– No buttons, switches or knobs
– Battery operation (includes 3x AA batteries)


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