Auto Pot XL Systems

The XL AutoPot is a simply a system that will give you incredible yields using Aqua Valve Technology – each plant controls their own irrigation to receive fresh nutrient enriched water as and when they need. This ensures a consistent steady feed – promoting constant plant growth and development throughout their entire life cycle.

As both the 25 litre pots and trays are modular you can easily space them out as the plants grow. Once you have setup your pots and trays - simply fill the reservoir and add nutrients – the system will do the rest providing an efficient and easy way to water your crops.

XL AutoPot System benefits include:

Heavier, healthier plants that get fresh feed when they need it
System can be left unattended for weeks - no more daily watering
Nutrient reservoir to provide fresh water to your plants
No electric required, timers or mains water supply
Environmentally sustainable as no water is lost

From £50.00