Amino Strength

Dutchpro Amino Strength is an organic amino acid product that is designed to promote plant growth, reduce stress, and helps with flower production. Amino Strength contains a variety of different amino acids. Our formula contains 18 out of 20 amino acids needed for vigorous plant growth. Amino acids are turned into proteins which help with nutrient transportation, speeding up processes inside the plant, and enhance energy creation through the Krebbs Cycle. This product is suited for Hydroponics, Soil, and Coco substrates.

Why Amino Acids?
Amino acids support your plants in their key processes like protein synthesis, chlorophyll production, stress tolerance, and pest and disease resistance. They also help improve calcium uptake in your plants’ cells while also bolstering cell wall strength. Amino acids are produced naturally by your plants’, but it requires an excess of energy. The energy that would be used for amino acid creation may be redirected when your plant is suffering from high stress from its environment like drought, climate, pests/diseases, or even compaction. By feeding your plant amino acids they can still create additional proteins needed for excellent grow and bloom without the added stress of creating their own amino acids to do so.
Get the most out of your Aminos
The fastest way for your plant to absorb amino acids is through foliar feeding. By feeding aminos directly to your foliage you can increase transport of nutrients through the stomata, increase photosynthesis and transpiration as well.

0.4ml per ltr

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