All in 1 Nutrient ltr

The proactive All-In-One Nutrient Methodology...

Supplies a unique combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements essential to the progress of your crop. Proactive’s unique balance in trace elements mimic plant sap and are largely under a chelated form - increasing their level of absorption, assimilability and circulation within the plant.

Proactive All-In-One Nutrient activates the metabolism of each and every plant cell. This action improves photosynthesis and the plant’s capacity for drawing mineral elements up through the root system - allowing for better nutrient absorption and transfer.

This N-P-K fertilizer solution (8.9-2.7-7.2), with balanced trace-elements, also contains specific amino acids and bio-nutritional activators of selected breeds. Amino acids are the base building blocks of proteins.


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