Adjust A Wing Avenger 600w

The Adjust-A-Wings Avenger really is the next step up in reflector, it's glass coated Miro aluminium wings offer 98% reflectivity! making the most of your lamp. With 4 adjustable positions to match the reflector to the lamp and grow-space of your choice, the Adjust-A-Wings Avenger gives you incredible versatility. It also comes with a heat shield included which eliminates hot spots and allows you to have your reflector much closer to the plant. We offer the Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer in both medium and large giving you even more versatility!                                                                                              Simple, flexible design
4 parabolic wing positions for versatility
Made with high end super reflective materials offering 98% reflectivity!
Maintains its full reflection for a minimum of 3 years!
Adjustable lamp-holder height for even greater control over light-spread
Increase grow area by up to 75%


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