SonicAir Humidifier 23ltr

The latest product to join the SonicAir range, the SonicAir 23L Humidifier has been designed for medium to small grow rooms, which would be overpowered by the SonicAir Pro.

This reliable humidifier is capable of a maximum output of 1440 millilitres an hour, which is fully adjustable so you can increase or decrease mist levels to fine-tune the humidity in your grow space. The water tank includes a filler lid which allows the tank to be topped up using a hose. Removing the need the of taking the unit apart.

Available as an optional extra for the SonicAir 23L is a float valve. This allows the humidifier to be connected to a water butt. Removing the need to check and refill the unit on a regular basis.

23L tank
Manually controllable
12-month warranty if used with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water
Maximum output: 1.44 litres per hour (1440 millilitres per hour)
Automatic shut-down
110 watts
Can be connected to a reservoir using the float valve kit
Has wheels


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