Secret Jardin V100 Rev 3.0

The Secret Jardin V100 Rev3.0 measuring 103cm x 103cm x 200cm is the ideal high-quality medium sized grow tent.

The V100 (previously known as Vintage100 Rev1.0) grow tent from Secret Jardin is manufactured to a very high standard, they have been designed with great thought for the grower and will provide the ideal enclosure for indoor cultivation. It is the first line of grow tents to utilize thermal film on the interior, which is highly reflective, waterproof and offers 97% reflection and thermal protection. This film is also non-toxic and won’t release any harmful gasses that can damage sensitive plants. The V100 also utilizes innovative, adjustable Dual-Sock Ports that enable the grower to attach equipment or ducting to both sides of the tent while maintaining a lightproof environment, and doesn’t require the use of clamps or tools.


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