Rhino Fans

The Rhino Fan series is designed to be used with the other members of the Rhino product range. The durable casing is manufactured from reinforced plastic and on particular models steel, to give the fan a very strong outer casing that prevents leaks.

The fans are easily installed and removed and come with an easy to fit mounting clamp.

Rhino Fans come in three styles: Single speed, twin speed and thermostatically controlled.
This means that the range has a fan that will suit every type of grower.

Single Speed Fans – Easy to use option, ideal if your grow room is a steady temperature. 

These fans are super-efficient, easy to install and are hard-wired ready to go. 

Rhino 100 - 280m3hr

Rhino 125 - 420m3hr

Rhino 150 LP - 400m3hr

Rhino 150 HP - 760m3hr

Rhino 200 LP- 800m3hr

Rhino 200 HP -950m3hr

Rhino 250 HP - 1180m3hr

From £67.00