Pure Factory Humidifier 4 & 8ltr

The Pure Factory - Intelligent Humidifier
As plants transpire, they lose water through their stomata (small openings on leaf surfaces). If the moisture levels in the surrounding atmosphere are too low, then the volume of water released by plants through their stomata will be higher, which can have very negative impact (wilting, stress and poor health). Boosting the level of moisture in the atmosphere, when necessary, will have a huge impact on plant growth and vitality.

The Pure Factory intelligent humidifier will work to increase moisture levels in your grow room, adding 250ml to 350ml per hour. Just add water to the resevoir and choose your desired setting. Its available in either 4.0l or 8.0l, to suit your needs dependant on the size of your grow room.

Very easy to install
Mist output: 250ml to 350ml per hour
Increases moisture levels in the grow area
Accelerates plant growth rates
Purifies the air in your grow room
Reduces static electricity

From £35.00