Newa Micro Oxy Pump

The Micro-Jet MC320 submersible water pump for Hydroponic nutrient delivery is most commonly used in the GT 205 & 424 NFT systems from Nutriculture but also doubles up as a nice little circulating pump for any hydroponic system or an excellent ‘dumping’ pump for any nutrient tank.

Has variable flow rate, and an air intake valve to oxygenate nutrient/water solution as it passes through the pump
Exceptional pumping capacity with the smallest possible size.
Can be used in as little as half an inch of water or fully submerged
Four suction cups ensure stability and silent operation
Ultra low power consumption
These Oxy pumps are hard wired with 2m of cable and 13 amp plug, this pump comes ready to go. The removable foam filter stops particles from entering the pump.

MC320 Oxy Pump, can pump up to 320lph

The Micro-Jet 450 is a great little pump with proven reliability, low power consumption and noise, and a excellent flow-rate for its size. The upgraded Micro-Jet 450 Oxy Water Pump has a very nice little feature that uses a length of air-line tubing to draw air from above the waterline, oxygenating liquid as it passes through the unit - your roots will love it!

Compact and lightweight, yet powerful
Proven reliability over years of use
Slider controlled adjustable flow rate
Micro-Jet 450 Oxy Water Pump use built-in oxygenation system
Fits standard 13mm pipe
2m power cable with 13 amp plug
Removable filter to help prevent blockages
Mounted suction cups to secure the unit in place
Low power consumption

Mc450 Oxy pump can pump up to 450lph

From £14.99