Digilight Pro Select Variable

The 600W Maxibright Pro-Select Digital Ballast.

Use it to drive, dim & boost any 600W HPS lamp. You can even power 600W MH lamps (never dim or boost MH lamps).

For bigger yields, just overdrive a 600W HPS to 660W - that's a 10% increase!

These gems can run from a normal 240V household mains supply…they simply transform the incoming voltage to your chosen output!

You’ll really keep your costs down…you’re looking at a 3 - 4% less energy per ballast. To prolong the life of your lamps, your ballast uses soft-start technology to lower your start up current.

Forget about noise and heat problems – these ballasts are light, cool and quiet to run.

Each ballast has an incredibly long life and the output doesn’t degrade with age. Just to make sure, you get a 3 year warranty. What more could you want?

4 dimmer settings (250W, 400W, 600W & 660W output)

Super lumen (boost) setting – 10% more power
Easy to use - simple dimming switch - plug and play
No heat problems - cool to run + thermal protection
No noise – it operates silently - no humming, no buzzing
Prolong the life of lamps – soft-start technology
Energy saving (roughly 3 – 4% per ballast!)
Output doesn’t degrade with age
Long life + 3 year warranty
RF shielded – won’t interfere with your radio frequency
Durable shell + graduated fin design to prevent heat problems
Works with any 600W lamp & IEC connection reflector


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