Botanicare Pure Blend Tea

Botanicare PURE BLEND TEA is an organic-based compost tea solution that is formulated to naturally enhance terpene profiles in your crops. Certain flavours and aromas typically associated with organic gardening can sometimes be diminished when growing hydroponically. Pure Blend Tea works to enhance these attributes while running clean in any of cultivation method.

Pure Blend Tea provides plants with essential elements which can increase nutrient uptake, enhance aromas, intensify flavours and provide beneficial food sources for biological life in soil or around roots. This highly soluble and stable tea solution can be used in hydro or soil and won’t clog drip emitters.

- Greatly improves crop quality.

- Maximises terpene production, aroma and flavour profiles in plants.

- Complements mineral-based nutrients with highly available carbon-based inputs.

- Provides a valuable carbon source that beneficial microorganisms need to thrive.

- High chelation capacity maximises yields by increasing nutrient uptake.

- Will not cause clogging or residual build up in the reservoir or feed lines.

- 100% water soluble for quick absorption and immediate results.

- Suitable for all growing methods.

- Benefits all fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

The original organic-based flavour and aroma enhancing supplement.

Add PURE BLEND TEA to any nutrient program to increase flavours, aromas and terpene production.

Guaranteed Analysis: N 0.5%, P 0.5%, K 1.0% 0.10% humic acid derived from leonardite ore and lignite.

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