Abzoeb Disposable Dehumidifier Hanger

Abzorb Disposable Dehumidifier - Hanger or Tub - Remove Excess Water and Humidity
The Abzorb Dehumidifiers are new to the market in 2015 and a welcome addition to any drying room. Specifically designed for the hydroponics industry, it uses activated carbon to destroy odour particles, whilst also reducing humidity.

The danger is high humidity is rot, botrytis or mould. Abzorb holds 3 times it's weight in water making it the ideal partner to any drying space.

Abzorb Dehumidifiers are a silent, reliable method of removing excess moisture from your growing environment and last for a minimum of two weeks.

Recommended 1 x Abzorb hanger unit per 1m sq space or 1 x Abzorb 800ml Tub per 2m sq space.


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